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Builds with Steamworks.NET don't show the errors files and lines details in the stacktrace



1. What happened

A build with Steamworks.NET doesn't show the errors files and lines details in the stacktrace.

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached

Build and execute the attached project. A script will be spamming a set of Debug.LogError that will have the full details in editor, and lack them in the build.

  1. Resolution Note (2021.2.X):

    I am sorry to inform you that the development team will not be fixing this issue. Since Steam strips the .pdbs during upload, there is not much we can do on the Mono side to show line numbers in the stacktrace.

Comments (5)

  1. danp

    Jan 03, 2021 07:04

    I'm getting no line numbers in development build. Building from script locally. StandaloneOSX.

  2. davidrochin

    Dec 31, 2020 18:31

    In my case, something is removing my PDB files from my "Game_Data\Managed" folder. I suspect Steam's Content Builder is the culprit here.

  3. davidrochin

    Dec 31, 2020 18:24

    I'm experiencing this too

  4. drHogan

    Mar 17, 2020 13:57

    We do experience the problem also without using Unity Cloud builds as long as Steamworks.NET is present.

  5. alan-lawrance

    Mar 15, 2020 20:40

    An important part of the repro steps is that it only occurs with Unity Cloud builds.

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