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Fixed in 2021.3.31f1, 2022.3.10f1, 2023.1.15f1, 2023.2.0b12, 2024.1.0a1



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Building projects with IL2CPP scripting backend for Apple platforms fails with Xcode 15.0b6 or newer



Xcode >= 15.0b6 contains a change to the "ProductName" in the "version.plist", which Unity will fail to parse. Because of that, Unity is not able to use this or newer version of Xcode to compile code for IL2CPP for macOS and iOS.

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  1. indoflaven

    Sep 21, 2023 22:38

    Hi first time following an issue with this interface. I'm using Unity 2023 and can no longer make iOS builds due to this issue. About an hour ago Unity released 2023.2.0.b10 - the issue is not fixed in this version. I see on this page that the fix is in review for 2023.2.0.b12. Does this imply that the fix will not be in 2023.2.0.b11 and we have to wait for b12? If Unity reads, please be aware that this is a blocking issue (devs cannot create/install working builds for iOS). If possible please get this fix into the next Unity build.

  2. drawcode

    Sep 21, 2023 00:04

    I take it back on some projects are working, that was a non clean build.

    Since this is an entire blocking issue hopefully Unity can get this one in quick. Back in the day these types of issues the entire team (much smaller) would get them out quick. Hasn't been that way for half a decade now.

  3. drawcode

    Sep 20, 2023 23:54

    Unity thread on this

    I wonder how many people are building to iOS right now if this is so low. This is a complete show stopper until fixed unless you do the revert to Xcode 14 route.

    Odd thing is some projects work but others don't, must be related to features and libs linked in.

  4. sakamoto-kun

    Sep 20, 2023 16:49

    Fixed in 2022.3.10f1 for me.

    Sonoma - Xcode 15

  5. dynamicbutter

    Sep 20, 2023 15:55

    Thanks Unity and thanks Raymond-Luong! My app builds on iOS again with 2022.3.10.

  6. raymond-luong

    Sep 20, 2023 15:25

    DynamicButter. Jumping the queue a bit, but check if theres a 2022.3.10f in Unity Hub =P

  7. dynamicbutter

    Sep 20, 2023 15:18

    Thanks Raymond-Luong.

    I just upgraded to 2022.3.9f1 but I'm still getting a "Command PhaseScriptExecution failed with a nonzero exit code" error for iOS builds.

  8. raymond-luong

    Sep 20, 2023 14:51

    ProductName of Xcode changed from IDEFramework -> IDEApplication

    Changing the version.plist of XCode invalidates the integrity checks, so this is likely not possible.

    Xcode 15 Beta 5 was the last working version for me.

  9. raymond-luong

    Sep 20, 2023 14:50

    ProductName changed from IDEFrameworks -> IDEApplication. Editing the versions.plist appears to invalidate XCode app integrity checks, so going back to a Beta build for now may be the only viable option for now.

    AFAIK, Xcode Beta 5 was the last known working version.

  10. dynamicbutter

    Sep 20, 2023 12:00

    Could you please post the details of the changes needed to make the plist valid for Xcode 15 so that possible workarounds may be explored?

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