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Build process succeeds when building without Microphone Usage Description while using Microphone methods in Project



Behavior for Microphone Permissions should be the same as Camera Permissions - if you're using the Camera methods and its Usage Description fields is not filled, the Build process fails

To reproduce:
1. Download the attached "" project and open it in Unity
2. Open the "HotMic" scene
3. In Project settings observe that the Microphone Usage Description field isn't filled
4. Build and Run

Expected results: Build process fails because Microphone Usage Description is not filled
Actual result: Build process succeeds and Player crashes

- Similar issue
- Project sometimes corrupts on 2021.1.18f1, 2021.2.0b9, and 2022.1.0a5 but the issue should be still reproducible

Reproduced on Unity 2019.4.23f1, 2020.3.17f1, 2021.1.18f1, 2021.2.0b9 and 2022.1.0a5

  1. Resolution Note:

    If it is solely used in plugins, we have no way to detect that the microphone is used. In this case, the developer will need to make sure they've filled in the description. Otherwise this crash will happen

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