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Bolt Update Random Range node set users values to min0 and max0

Package: Visual Scripting


When upgrading unity Editor from versions before to 2021.1, to 2021.1 and more, the random range api changed and it break all user data and ports connections in graphs.


*Reproducible on:*
* Visual Scripting version: upgrading from 1.4.13, 1.4.14 to 1.7.3
* Can be reproduced just by upgrading Unity Editor 2020 --> 2021

*Steps to Reproduce:*
# Open the following project using 2019.4 or 2020.3 version []
# Update the current Bolt version to 1.4.15
# Go to Project->Macros ->ChangeMind.asset and open it to see the values set on the Random Rage node
# Close the project and open it with Editor 2021.1
# Go to package manager and install Visual scripting 1.7.3
# Wait for the update to finish and reopen the same asset from above.

*Actual Results:*
* Random Range values are reset to 0
* Example Before and after. Making it pretty fun to find all the wrong values.
* !image-2022-02-04-14-15-23-730.png!

# Min and Max Ports should link on the Min Inclusive and max Inclusive ports.
# If the port was not connected, the value should transfer to the good port.
# This should happen for anything that get modified in the future and not only to the random Range node.

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