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Backup fails to complete

Package: Bolt


Working On Fix 3 - months ago 

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Did Ludiq>BackupProject but it fails after a short while.
The only two things that might have effected this is that I deleted an empty folder in the Backup folder, I don't recall if that is part of the system or the remains of when I unzipped a previous backup once though. And the other is that I had just gone through a big undo spree.. not sure if that could have done something or not.


File '' is read-only despite attempted checkout. Manually forcing to writable.
This may cause version control issues. Please report the following debug information:
File Exists: False
Provider.enabled: False
Provider.isActive: False
Provider.hasCheckoutSupport: False

Ludiq.<>c__DisplayClass0_0:b__0() (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Ludiq.Core/Editor/Utilities/VersionControlUtility.cs:88)
Ludiq.UnityAPI:Await(Action, Nullable`1) (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Ludiq.Core/Editor/Utilities/UnityAPI.cs:65)
Ludiq.UnityAPI:Await(Action) (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Ludiq.Core/Editor/Utilities/UnityAPI.cs:53)
Ludiq.VersionControlUtility:Unlock(String) (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Ludiq.Core/Editor/Utilities/VersionControlUtility.cs:19)
Ludiq.BackupUtility:BackupAssetsFolder(String) (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Ludiq.Core/Editor/Utilities/BackupUtility.cs:38)
Ludiq.BackupUtility:BackupAssetsFolder() (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Ludiq.Core/Editor/Utilities/BackupUtility.cs:12)
Ludiq.BackupPage:OnContentGUI() (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Ludiq.Core/Editor/Windows/BackupWindow/BackupPage.cs:54)
Ludiq.Page:DrawContent() (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Ludiq.Core/Editor/Windows/Page.cs:70)
Ludiq.SinglePageWindow`1:OnGUI() (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Ludiq.Core/Editor/Windows/SinglePageWindow.cs:74)
Ludiq.WrappedEditorWindow:OnGUI() (at C:/Users/lazlo/Projects/Bolt1/Package/Ludiq.Core/Editor/Windows/WrappedEditorWindow.cs:51)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)
Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):

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    Resolution Note (fix version 1.5.1-pre.3):

    Fixed a logic error in the backup code

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    Resolution Note (fix version 1.4.14):

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