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Behavior of Move and SetDestination is inconsistent with regards to the Stop function with stopUpdates set to true



To reproduce:
1. Open the Test Scene
2. There is a NavMeshAgentTest script on the 'Agent' object in the scene. The NavMeshAgentTest component will attempt a form of movement after calling Stop (true) on the NavMeshAgent.
3. Setting the 'Mode' variable to 'Move' and the 'Restart Position Updates' variable to false means the component will try NavMeshAgent.Move without setting updatePosition to true after the Stop (true) call. (Agent will not move here)
4. Setting the 'Restart Position Updates' variable to true with the same mode will cause the Move call to succeed. (Agent will move)
5. Setting the 'Mode' variable to 'SetDestination' will cause the agent to move to the given point without setting updatePosition to true. (The agent will move here anyway)

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