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Asset Store package/asset page does not open

Project Browser/Hierarchy


Asset Store package/asset page does not open.

When user finds an asset under "Paid Assets" and then clicks on the "Buy for €14.25" button - the Asset Store main page opens and not the asset package page. Maybe this is intentional, but as a user I would expect the following behaviour:

* Pressing "Buy for € xx.xx" button > the package page opens
* Pressing "Open Asset Store" > the Asset Store main page opens

To reproduce:
- Create a new project
- Make a search by Type - for instance "AnimationClip"
- Select and asset under "Paid Assets"
- Click on the "Buy" button in Inspector
- Observe that the Asset Store main page launches

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  1. 7499ba77cc5e03b9580a4399c52a557e?d=mm


    Jul 20, 2014 00:03

    Well, I'm actually trying to open a package from the Asset Store, too: RobotKyle. I'm doing it because I have one of those "SamsTeachYourself" books, and it tells me to download that robot. I'm seriously wondering why the hell it's not working...

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