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Assemblies not installed shouldn't appear in the Assembly list.

Package: Visual Scripting


In the VisualScripting Preference window, we've hardcoded some assemblies that can be relevant for the users to use. Some assemblies come from packages (i.e Cinemachine). Even if the assemblies are not installed they still appear in the list. A side effect of this is that as they not installed, we can't know if they have a dependency on an Editor assembly so we can't display the warning icon next to them.


* Create a new project
* Make sure Cinemachine is not in the manifest nor installed locally.
* Open the project
* Open the Visual Scripting Preferences windows


*Actual Behaviour*

In the assemblies list Cinemachine is displayed.


*Expected Result*

Cinemachine is not listed.


*More to test:*
* Once the problem is fixed and Cinemachine is not in the list anymore
* Open the Package Manager
* Install cinemachine
* Open Visual Scripting Preference window
* Cinemachine should now be in the list. No need to manually add it as it is in the list by default.


  1. Resolution Note:

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Unfortunately, after careful consideration we will not be addressing your issue at this time, as we are currently committed to resolving other higher-priority issues.
    With the delivery of our latest release, we are now focusing on investigations and discovery to better determine how UVS needs to evolve to deliver on our broader goals, as well as being the right solution for future production needs. However, we know each case is different, so do please continue to log any issues you find, as well as provide general feedback on our roadmap page to help us prioritize.
    Latest release:

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