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[Apple Silicon] UAAL example fails to build for Android with IL2CPP on M1 macOS devices



Steps to reproduce:

1. Get the UAAL example project from
2. Open the UnityProject
3. Change `Scripting Backend` to `IL2CPP`
4. Continue with the Android instructions to set up Unity as a Library for Android fully (
5. Once everything is set up and Android Studio project is synced, try building the project

Expected result: Android Studio build succeeds and can be deployed to device.
Actual result: Android Studio build fails with the error: "Your project contains C++ files but it is not using a supported native build system."

Doesn't reproduce on Intel macOS devices.
Exporting simple Gradle project and building it with Android Studio works just fine on M1 MacBook if it doesn't use UAAL integration.

Reproduced with: 2022.1.0b7, 2022.2.0a4

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