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[Animation] Invalid AABB errors when using Generic aniamtion on a Humanoid rig



Many AABB errors posted to console when attempting to play Generic type animations on a Humanoid type rig. In this case only reproduces by transitioning into a n animation of this type (initial state doesnt reproduce)

Errors are:
Invalid AABB a
Assertion failed on expression: 'IsFinite(d)'
Assertion failed on expression: 'IsFinite(outDistanceForSort)'
Assertion failed on expression: 'IsFinite(outDistanceAlongView)'
Invalid AABB aabb
Invalid AABB rkBox
Invalid AABB aabb

Repro steps:

1) Open attached project and scene "CharacterController"
2) Enter play mode
3) Select the animatior controller assigned to the Animator component on object Character
4) Open the Animator window and change the Paramater "State" to 1
5) Observe errors in console

Reproducible in 5.6.0b6
Not reproducible in 5.5.x

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