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[Android] When fullscreen = FALSE and Render Outside Safe Area = TRUE notch area is not rendered on Android 9 devices



How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project
2. Make sure fullscreen is set to FALSE in "ED_Test" script
3. In Player Settings Resolution and Presentation "Render outside safe area" should be enabled
4. Build and run on a device which supports notch

Result: Notch area is not rendered on some devices
Expected result: either notch area should be rendered on all devices which support notch, or it should not be rendered and it should be documented that "fullscreen" setting overrides "Render outside safe area"

VLNQA00229, fb8fa527, ONEPLUS 6T, ONEPLUS A6013, Snapdragon 845 SDM845, Adreno (TM) 630, 9.0.0
VLNQA00265, RF8M138MVSX, SAMSUNG Galaxy s10, SM-G973F, Exynos 9 9820, Mali-G76, 9.0.0
VLNQA00261, R38KA07RA3N, SAMSUNG S 10+, SM-G975U, Snapdragon 855 SM8150, Adreno (TM) 640, 9.0.0
-, R38M20HEPRD, SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold, SM-F900F, Snapdragon 855, Adreno 640 , 9.0.0
Not reproducible:
VLNQA00166, UBV0218412000859, HUAWEI P20, EML-L29, HiSilicon Kirin 970, Mali-G72, 8.1.0
VLNQA00138, WCR0218331000896, HUAWEI P20 Pro, CLT-L29, HiSilicon Kirin 970, Mali-G72, 8.1.0

Reproducible: 2019.2.0a12, 2019.1.0f2, 2019.1.0a9, 2018.3.13f1

Comments (3)

  1. hayestreeservicefl

    Mar 03, 2021 05:33

    I have just found this website on

  2. Lex3425

    Apr 25, 2020 19:24

    This is how I came to understand it also as being misinterpreted with the division of the notch and the rendered area. We have seen a similarity when running the same scenario on our website and recognized this occurrence from the phone mode that our sight was showing up on based on the metric tweaks.

  3. AbandonedCart

    Nov 19, 2019 00:06

    This is not a bug. It is just easily misunderstood.

    Setting 'renderOutsideSafeArea' true with fullscreen enabled will cover the entire screen.

    Setting 'renderOutsideSafeArea' true with fullscreen disabled will allow the standard view to appear in the center of the screen.

    Setting 'renderOutsideSafeArea' false with fullscreen enabled will display a black bar for the notch, but render to the remaining screen.

    Setting 'renderOutsideSafeArea' false with fullscreen disabled will display a black bar for the notch and divide the remaining unused area equally on both sides of the rendered area.

    Supporting the notch with fullscreen disabled acts as a means to center the view, despite not necessarily making use of the newly reclaimed area.

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