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[Android] RenderTexture is corrupted after resume on Android



Regressed from 5.3.4p1

Steps to repro:
1. Build and run repro project
2. Cube rendered by RenderTexture in the top left corner

3. Press home button
4. Important: keep device in portrait mode
5. Invoke process list menu
6. Tap on the Test app so the screen changes its orientation
7. See the black square - it is a bug

(Samsung S4)
3. Stay in the portrait mode
4. Sleep/Lock the device
5. Unlock the device
6. See the black square (happens about 1/3 of attempts)

Logcat and scrshot are attached.

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  1. tawmuller

    Feb 15, 2017 11:18

    Can still reproduce this in 5.4.4f1. "Backgrounding the app" when device held in landscape orientation and then "restore focus to app" after rotating to be held in portrait!

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