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[Android] Location app crashes due to error 'jstring has wrong type: android.location.Location'



How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project
2. Build and Run Test scene on Android device (it has only one line Input.location.Start() in script)
3. When app launches, select "Allow" in the permission dialog
4. App will start and location service will start to initialize
5. Notice that app will crash in several second after beginning of location init

Reproducible: 5.5.0f1, 5.5.0f3, 5.6.0a5
Not reproducible: 5.5.0b11

Issue is not device specific

Comments (115)

  1. Valdiz

    Feb 06, 2017 19:29

    Status: Fixed in Unity 5.6.0

    I did download 5.6.0b6, but still not working.
    Do I need to wait till 5.6.0 beta will be finished or where i can download 5.6.0?

  2. fedir5

    Feb 05, 2017 10:02

    Unfortunately, NameOfApp has stopped.
    Hope this is fixed soon.

  3. Kalidren

    Feb 03, 2017 22:33

    We are also going to make a project around using GPS and nothing is working. The app keep crashing on every update.

  4. AurekSkyclimber

    Feb 03, 2017 18:16

    Congrats folks. This is now the fourth highest issue of all time. Twenty-one votes until it reaches number one.

    The folks at Unity do know this is an issue and are actively working on it. It's just a much tougher problem than they were expecting. We got confirmation that they're working on it back on January 24th, but no new news since then:

  5. Narmer

    Feb 02, 2017 15:53

    Broken in Unity 5.6.0b4 (64-bit), it does not crash immediately though. It crashes after I want to read the location values.

  6. ASPePeX

    Feb 02, 2017 09:16

    Not fixed in 5.6.0b6

  7. moduum

    Feb 02, 2017 07:04

    This is most biggest issue among all of issues except postponed one.
    Please vote this issue if you struggling with this problem to fix this.

  8. Bright-Yeo

    Feb 02, 2017 06:58

    we really loocking forward fixing this bug ASAP.
    I totally cannot use location service in current Unity version.

  9. pgeorges-dpt

    Feb 01, 2017 19:55

    Also in 5.5.1p1.
    Fix this please... blocking our release.

  10. ASPePeX

    Jan 31, 2017 13:26

    To sum it up:
    Latest working version 5.4.4f1

    Broken in every 5.4.4 patch release (5.4.4p1 + p2)
    Broken in every 5.5.x stable and patch release (5.5.0f1-3, 5.5.0p1-4, 5.5.1.f1 and 5.5.1p1)
    Broken in every 5.6.0 beta release (5.6.0b1-5)

    There is a workaround for android provided by @H-ALEX via (dig through the thread around Jan 17th).

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