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[Android] Identification and Configuration settings disappear after Bundle Identifier pop-up



Reproduction gif:
1. Create new project using 5.6a5
2. Open Other Settings and see that Android settings are in place
3. Build apk with default Bundle Identifier
4. Incorrect bundle Identifier window will pop up
5. Press "OK" and see Player Settings
6. There are no Identification and Configuration Android settings anymore

Gif -
Reproduced with: Version 5.6.0a5 (39b2fb1e9eea)
OS: Windows

Note, that everything goes back to normal after either restarting Unity or alt+tabbing from Unity and back couple of times

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  1. 0ffa6997502146d75758792916be13be?d=mm


    Jan 09, 2017 10:35

    I can confirm that bug!

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