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[Android] Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie does not enter full immersive mode



How to reproduce:
1. Open attached project
2. Build 'Test' scene on android device
3. Press 'Full' in app
4. Notice the navigation bar does not disappear when the video plays

Expected behaviour: when viewing a video the navigation bar should slide out of the screen
Actual behaviour: navigation bar does not hide itself

Reproduced on: 5.3.4f1, 5.4.1f1, 5.4.4.p2, 5.5.1f1, 5.6.0b7

Devices tested
Reproduced on:
Nexus 5X | Snapdragon 808 | Adreno 418 | Android 6.0
Nexus 5X | Snapdragon 808 | Adreno 418 | Android 7.1.1
LG G5 | Snapdragon 820 | Adreno 530 | Android 6.0.1
Motorola | Snapdragon 617 | Moto G4 | Adreno 405 | Android 6.0.1

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