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[Android] Duplicate plugins with the same names prevent from exporting a project to Android



Errors related to duplicate plugins with same names thrown in the console which prevents from exporting a project to Android.

Steps to repro:
1. Create a new project
2. File > Build Settings > Android > Switch Platform
3. Check "Export Project" in the Build Settings
4. Click "Export" and select a folder

Actual Result:
Unable to export project for Android due to "Found plugins with same names, and . Delete the one of the duplicate plugins" errors

Expected Result:
Project exports to android without any failure

Reproducible on:

working Fine on:
2019.2.0a4, 2019.1.0b3

Occurs only on MacOS

Note: Refer attached editor.log

Stack Trace:
Found plugins with same names, and . Delete the one of the duplicate plugins.
UnityEditorInternal.PluginsHelper:CheckFileCollisions(BuildTarget) (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/Plugins/PluginsHelper.cs:25)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2019.2):

    The issue is Resolved(fixed) in Unity Version 2019.2.10f1 (76f4e131b7cd), Hence closing it.

Comments (17)

  1. lmowni

    Jul 24, 2021 18:08

    2021 and still NOT FIXED! WHY? just .. WHY?

  2. bcapdevila

    Feb 01, 2021 13:16

    Same issue encountered in 2020.2f1

  3. omsolari

    Jan 24, 2021 17:17

    Same Error. Still Occurring on V.2020.1

  4. ryanmillerca

    May 09, 2020 21:22

    Not fixed! I just encountered this with a brand new project in 2019.3.6f1. Did not upgrade from an older version. Developed in Windows for a day, swapped to iOS, then swapped to Android and this occurs.

  5. djee-ms

    Mar 26, 2020 15:39

    The underlying issue is probably fixed but the error message still occurs. This is apparently due to stale caches in the Library folder. Deleting the Library folder and reimporting the Unity project eventually gets rid of the error messages and allows generating an Android project. Arguably this should be fixed too, or a separate issue opened (if not already) to better handle stale cache files.

  6. joestudio098

    Nov 16, 2019 11:58

    i am Upgraded from 2018.2.16f1 to 2019.2.10f1 and got same problem and i solved this issue by
    first close your project and go to file library in your project and opened after delete all folder and files after open your project in unity 2019.2.10f and wait them to build i hope to work it with you.

  7. Freakout_Games

    Sep 07, 2019 07:36

    The way I solved this issue is by -> Deleting all the files inside the Library Folder. Steps: 1. Close the editor 2. Goto project folder and backup of Library files (not needed but it's better to be on safer side) 3. After backup just delete all the files inside Library folder 4. Now open editor again and build :)

    By default Unity creates all the Library files once we open the editor. The problem sometimes happens while upgrading project to higher version of Unity is that some of the files are not properly linked/referenced properly. This does not happen always but I had to face this issue while upgrading from 2018_2.1 to 2019_2.4

    Hope this helps!

  8. PeppyPals

    Sep 04, 2019 12:42

    Seems to not be resolved at all, upgraded from 2018.2.21f1 to 2019.2.3f1 and got this. Tried removing all plugins, Also I use the Unity Hub SDK/NDK. Still get 30 "Duplicate plugin" errors with empty strings.

  9. sdhops1811

    Sep 03, 2019 10:09

    I m still getting the error, please someone help.

  10. joseGuate97

    Aug 22, 2019 01:49

    Upgraded from 2018.2.2f1 to 2019.2.2f1 and got the issue.

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