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[Android] Camera lags when using Vuforia plugin and input field



Steps to reproduce:
1) Download attached project '' and open in Unity
2) Build and run project on a device
3) Click on input field to open keyboard and press 'ok' to close it(repeat this step 5-6 times)
Note: You should notice that camera in background is laggy

Reproduced with: 5.4.0b25, 5.4.2p1, 5.5.0b4, 5.5.0b9, 5.6.0f3, 2017.1.0a6

Not reproduced with: 5.3.6p7

Comments (9)

  1. pedrohba

    Nov 13, 2018 13:45

    Still facing the same issue with Unity 2017.4.10f1.

  2. chadidi97

    May 10, 2018 11:44

    Still not fixed 2017.3.1f1

  3. PierreNoel

    Mar 20, 2018 10:16

    Still present in 2017.3.1f1. Only solution is to minimize the app and re-open.

  4. Vangre

    Dec 07, 2017 18:08

    Still not fixed in Unity2017.2.0f3
    Hope this will get a fix soon even though this is set to 'Won't Fix'...
    Is there an older version with Vuforia that does work, so i can make a working android build without lag?

  5. Aryan_Behzadi

    Apr 07, 2017 19:36

    its like, common unity team you are doing great but this issue is awful and for apps like mine that i'm having profile setting and a lot of input field it would be like hell, please fix it fast

  6. iqu

    Apr 04, 2017 11:28

    I don't know why this issue is not being fixed. While Unity has released new versions with new features we are still stuck with the old version because of this issue. This is very frustrating. Request the Unity and Vuforia team to fix it as soon as possible.

  7. 786dheeraj

    Apr 04, 2017 11:22

    cannot upgrade my project because of this.
    Works fine if we have one input field but lags with 2 or more.

  8. shlingg

    Feb 10, 2017 11:17

    For anyone still experiencing this issue, I found using this plugin overcame the Android keyboard disrupting the camera feed:

    It's very easy to use, just attach the script to your inputfield game object and attach the pluginmsghandler script to a game object in your scene. It's all opensource and fully customisable.

    Works with Vuforia 4, I have not tested with other versions.

  9. Justin77

    Nov 23, 2016 20:30

    I'm currently using 5.4.3f1 and facing the same issue.

    After searching around for solutions, it seems the app loses focus when on-screen keyboard is fired up. Attempting to manually call these functions proved unsuccessful as the camera feed still suffers from extreme lag. A workaround was to minimize the app and re-open - either with the Home or Menu buttons.

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