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[Enlighten] Ambient probe computed by the baking process overwrites the one baked with DynamicGI.UpdateEnvironment

Progressive Lightmapper


In the Editor when the DynamicGI.UpdateEnvironment is called, not in play mode but from a menu with script and the Auto baking is triggered by a change, the ambient probe baked by the baking pipeline will overwrite the one computed last time by DynamicGI.UpdateEnvironment. This happens only when a RenderTexture is used as a skybox material.

1) At scene opening, sky should be red, sphere in the middle too.
2) Go to the menu UpdateDynamicGI->Update
3) Scene and sphere become green.
4) Disable Auto mode.
4) Press on `Generate Lighting` button to manually build the lighting
5) Observe sphere reverted back to red.

- Ambient probe is now correctly updated when Auto mode is enabled but renders incorrect result when lighting is manually generated

  1. Resolution Note (2021.2.X):

    Will be handled during quality weeks as part of

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