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Ambient lighting and reflection not created in new scene

Progressive Lightmapper


We've run into an issue in LWRP with a test scene, this also repos in builtin and have found a very easy repo which should also fix the LWRP issue.

Repo steps:

1) Open attached project (or create new project)
2) Go File/New Scene
3) Right click in the hierarchy and create a Cube

Expected results: Cube should have an ambient probe and default reflection probe
Actual results: Cube has black SH probe and also the default UnityBlack Cubemap

Didn't do full pass on testing but happens in 19.1b6 and works fine in 18.3f1 so it is a regression somewhere between there

  1. Resolution Note (2019.2.X):

    After investigating the issue further, it seems the culprit is the fact that Auto Generate is disabled by default in new scenes. Neither ambient reflection probe, nor ambient light probe are generated in realtime. In built-in RP, they are both generated upon baking the lighting in the lighting settings window.

    Keep in mind however, that this does not affect the template scene, or the starting SampleScene after opening Unity. Only subsequently created scenes will manifest this issue.

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