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Addressables Profiles Local/Remote dropdowns throw an error when Unity Version Control is enabled

Package: Addressables


Steps to reproduce:

1. Open a Unity project
2. Import the Addressables package and enable version control (Project Settings>Unity Version Control Settings)
3. Create new Addressables Settings via the button in Window>Asset Management>Addressables>Groups
4. Open Window>Asset Management>Addressables>Profiles
5. Open either the Local or the Remote dropdown and leave its bounds or click away to close it
6. Observe the console

Expected result: there are no errors when using the dropdown
Actual result: a cryptic error is thrown even though no options are selected

Reproducible with: 1.19.5, 1.21.9

Editor versions tested: 2022.2.15f1, 2023.1.0b10, 2023.2.0a10

Not tested with earlier streams as Profiles show up differently in those and this does not seem to be a regression.

The error:

{color:#DE350B}ArgumentException: Unable to parse org data.
UnityEditor.AddressableAssets.Settings.OrgData.ParseOrgData (System.String data) (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.unity.addressables@1.21.9/Editor/Settings/OrgData.cs:32)
UnityEditor.AddressableAssets.GUI.ProfileDataSourceDropdownWindow.GetOrgData () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.unity.addressables@1.21.9/Editor/GUI/ProfileDataSourceDropdownWindow.cs:473)
UnityEditor.AddressableAssets.GUI.ProfileDataSourceDropdownWindow.OnOpen () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.unity.addressables@1.21.9/Editor/GUI/ProfileDataSourceDropdownWindow.cs:151){color}

  1. Resolution Note:

    Thank you for your bug report.

    After reviewing the issue and the impact it has on our users our team has decided that this case will be resolved as "Won't Fix".This does not mean that the issue isn’t a legitimate bug, but instead that we are not able to prioritize the fix, at this time.

    The case will now be closed, and will not be reopened unless new information arises that would change the issue’s impact. Please let us know if you have additional information relating to the severity of this bug.

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