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Fixed in 14.0.8, 15.0.6, 16.1.X



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Adding a Node takes a lot of time when Shader Graph contains a lot of Nodes

Package: Shader Graph


Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached “ASDQWE” project
2. In the Project Window, select the “Assets/FlowFire/08. Tex Shader Extra/SG_Master2Layer.shadergraph” Shader Graph
3. In the Inspector Window, select the “Open Shader Editor” button
4. Inside the Shader Graph Window, create any new Node (e.g. “Add” Node)

Expected result: The time it takes to create a new Node is dismal
Actual result: The time it takes to create a new Node is significant and it sometimes even freezes the editor briefly

Reproducible with: 14.0.7 (2022.2.21f1), 14.0.8 (2022.3.1f1), 15.0.6 (2023.1.0f1), 16.0.2 (2023.2.0a18)
Not reproducible with: 12.1.12 (2021.3.27f1), 14.0.6 (2022.2.11f1)

Reproducible on: Intel MacOS 13.4

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  1. vitei_zaikman

    Aug 16, 2023 02:41

    Could someone from the ShaderGraph team explain when/where this issues was fixed? The reports all say that the issue was found in 14.0.7+ (and was present in 14.0.8), but the resolution says that the issue was fixed in 14.0.8. If a fix was made, shouldn't it require a new minimum version of 14.0.9?

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