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Add Component Menu is not being displayed (opened offscreen) in some cases

Inspector Framework


The Add Component Menu cannot be displayed when the list of components for the object exceeds the height of the screen.

To Repro:
1. Open attached project + scene
2. Select the object in the scene and use Ctrl+Shift+A to bring up the Add Component Menu
3. Scroll to the bottom of the inspector and try again

When performing Step 2 the inspector should not be visible. Note this will depend on the resolution of your screen. If it is still visible, try resizing the height of the editor window and moving the editor to the bottom of your screen.

Step 3 works as expected. It appears some position clamping is needed when opening the menu?

This reproduces at least as far back as 2017.1

Does not reproduce in 2018.3.0b12

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