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[2DRenderer] Sprite disappears and reappears when playing the scene for the first time and the sprite is animated



Reproduction steps:
1. Open attached project (Repro
2. Open the "Test Scene 1" scene (in /Asset/Scenes/Test Scene 1.unity)
3. Press the pause button and then play the scene
4. Click through every frame until sprite of "Player 1" or "bug" gameObjects disappears
5. Click to another window (the game view shouldn't be seen) and go back to the game view
6. Notice that the sprite that disappeared is visible again (check Repro.gif)

Actual result: GameObject "Player 1" or "bug" sprite disappears and reappears.

Expected result: GameObject "Player 1" or "bug" sprite shouldn't disappear.

Note: The bug occurs only when playing the scene for the first time. To reproduce the issue again relaunch Unity. The bug occurs when the sprite is animated.

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