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[2D][URP][Light] Shadow will only be active on a light with highest light order when using more than 1 light



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Repro steps:
- Open SampleScene in attached project
- Observe Light 2D (1) has highest Light Order of 1, Square casts shadow onto background
- Move Square near to other light sources, observe shadows disappear when moving out of range of Light 2D (1)

Note: Disabling shadows for light with highest Light Order makes shadows work for other lights in scene

Expected result: Square casts a shadow with all lights that have Shadows enabled
Actual result: Square only casts shadow with light that has highest Light Order

Unable to reproduce on: 2022.2.0a15.2224, 2022.1.3f1.3228
Reproducible on: 2021.3.4f1.243

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