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[2d] [Pixel-Perfect] [LWRP] Using Crop X and/or crop Y makes it difficult to click on UI elements

Package: 2D Pixel Perfect


[2d] [Pixel-Perfect] [LWRP] Using Crop X and/or crop Y makes it difficult to click on UI elements

The new LWRP PixelPerfectCamera has undesired behaviour when crop X and/or crop Y are enabled! Can't click UI elements easily

Steps to Repro:

1. open attached project
2. go to the Main Camera and disable Crop Frame X and Y
3. build and run the project at 1920x1080
4. click on the options cog (top left corner) and it should activate fine
5. enable Crop Frame X and Y and build/run again at 1920 x 1080
6. click on the options cog

Result: It's difficult and not accurate to click on the button; it seems like you have to click and take into to account the cropping distances. It is hard to click other UI elements in the game as well.

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 7.1.1):

    Fixed in Upcoming Universal Render Pipeline v7.1.1

Comments (3)

  1. LordDarkenon

    Sep 24, 2019 14:37

    I agree this is an issue. I spent several hours trying to work out the cause of this, when upgrading to the LWRP in my 2D game. The 'm_Camera.pixelRect = finalBlitPixelRect;' fix reported above does seem to solve the issue, but as stated I'm unsure about any knock on effects. This LWRP is far worse than the built in renderer for my 2D game. Frame rates drop from 620fps to around 400fps simply by adding the LWRP and enabling 'new 2D Renderer Data' for the Custom renderer type. This drop in performance is widely reported for 2D games - Unity needs to resolve this.

  2. VPellen

    Aug 30, 2019 12:14

    I believe this is caused by the camera's pixelRect not being set properly after rendering. I managed to fix the problems I was having by adding the following line -

    m_Camera.pixelRect = finalBlitPixelRect;

    - to the PixelPerfectCamera.OnEndCameraRendering() method. (Line 183 in PixelPerfectCamera.cs at the time of writing). I have no idea if there are negative side-effects to this, but none were readily apparent.

  3. exzizt

    Aug 29, 2019 18:28

    This is a major issue. I hope this is being fixed soon.

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