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When trying to rotate a GameObject, its Y-axis gizmo has a very generous "grab zone".

Scene/Game View



1) Create a new project
2) Switch the scene mode to 2D
3) Create a new UI Text (right click in Hierarchy > UI > Text)
4) Select the rotation gizmo from the toolbar or press 'E'
5) Rotate the Text GameObject in different axes

Expected result: The GameObject should rotate in all the axes
Actual result: the Y-axis gizmo has weird collisions with the cursor, it seems it can be grab from pretty much anywhere, making you think you can only rotate on the Y-xxis

Repro on

Version 2019.3.0a12 (a4dc2b06d22c)
Sat, 03 Aug 2019 02:57:25 GMT
Branch: trunk

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  1. clckwrk

    Sep 19, 2019 15:53

    Also in 2019.3.0b3

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