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[2D] Batching on sprite atlas is not behaving properly



What happened:
When adding the attached unitypackage to a bigger/fuller project, the batching does not behave correctly.

Repro steps
1) Open the attached project and ensure sprite packing is enabled
2) Open scene 'scene'. There should be 6 square sprites
3) Press play and toggle stats on. Observe it says 'Batches:2 Saved by Batching: 4'

Expected result:
There should be 3 Batches (one for each sprite altlas and one for the camera) and saved by batching should still be 4. When importing the package to a fresh project (ensure packing is enabled) you can see it behaves as expected (Batches:3 Saved by batching: 4)

Actual result:
In the attached project, it says 'Batches:2 Saved by Batching: 4'

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