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[2021.3] Editor crashes on GetTransformAccess when undoing GameObject duplication



Reproduction steps:
1. Open any Unity project
2. Create any GameObject
3. Inside the created GameObject create a 3D Cube GameObject
4. Duplicate the 3D Cube GameObject
5. Undo

Expected result: Editor does not crash
Actual result: Editor crashes

Reproduced in: 2021.3.9f1
Not reproduced in: 2020.3.39f1, 2021.3.8f1, 2022.1.16f1, 2022.2.0b7, 2023.1.0a9

Reproduced using: macOS Monterey 12.0.1, Windows 10

1. GetTransformAccess seems to be macOS related. Windows crash stack frames do not have it
2. Not reproduced when undoing duplication of an empty GameObject

First few stack frames (with 3D objects):
#0  Transform::GetTransformAccess()
#1  RendererUpdateManager::RemoveRenderer(Renderer&)
#2  Renderer::RemoveFromScene()
#3  Renderer::Deactivate(DeactivateOperation)
#4  GameObject::ActivateAwakeRecursivelyInternal(DeactivateOperation, AwakeFromLoadQueue&)

First few stack frames (with UI objects):
#0  Transform::GetTransformAccess()
#1  UI::CanvasRenderer::Deactivate(DeactivateOperation)
#2  GameObject::ActivateAwakeRecursivelyInternal(DeactivateOperation, AwakeFromLoadQueue&)
#3  GameObject::ActivateAwakeRecursively(DeactivateOperation)
#4  GameObject::Deactivate(DeactivateOperation)

First few stack frames (with light objects):
#0  Transform::GetTransformAccess()
#1  LightManager::RemoveLight(Light*)
#2  Light::RemoveFromManager()
#3  GameObject::ActivateAwakeRecursivelyInternal(DeactivateOperation, AwakeFromLoadQueue&)
#4  GameObject::ActivateAwakeRecursively(DeactivateOperation)

Comments (14)

  1. NicholasCarlson

    Feb 04, 2023 16:37

    Definitely still happens 2021.3.11f, which is LTS sooo

  2. PixelCells

    Jan 14, 2023 14:32

    Happened to me at 2021.3.11f1

  3. ZMKimu

    Oct 21, 2022 15:25

    funny, the answer is down 2021.310f1 and above,but i'm using f2 now and my question is undo a prefab then crash. or may he send to me a wrong reply? i will never undo before save project

  4. HunterAhlquist

    Oct 20, 2022 02:24

    It says it was fixed in 2021.3.12f1, but I can't find any such build in the Hub or Archive sites. Is it not released yet?

  5. Bersaelor

    Oct 11, 2022 16:12

    Happened to me to in 2021.3.10f1 and 2021.3.11f1 too

  6. mostekcm

    Oct 04, 2022 16:23

    Agreed, undo crashing is really bad. It’s not like you can save right before undoing when the point of undo is to *not* save the latest change. Please fix with urgency.

  7. JustATensai

    Oct 03, 2022 19:58

    My report was also marked duplicate of this. I'm using windows 2021.3.10f1 version. A very frustrating and crucial issue. Should be heavily prioritized and fixed as soon as possible.

  8. richardporteous

    Sep 30, 2022 17:13

    Windows 2021.3.10f1 LTS my crash report was labeled duplicate of this

  9. hawken

    Sep 26, 2022 06:23

    I'm seeing this also.

    Unity 2021.3.10f1
    macOS 12.6

  10. malinin_unity

    Sep 22, 2022 12:56

    Unity 2021.2.9f
    Windows 11

    Native Crash Reporting
    Got a UNKNOWN while executing native code. This usually indicates
    a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries
    used by your application.

    Managed Stacktrace:
    at <unknown> <0xffffffff>
    at UnityEditor.EditorApplication:ExecuteMenuItem <0x000e0>
    at UnityEditor.ShortcutManagement.MenuItemEntryDiscoveryInfo:<.ctor>b__7_0 <0x0008a>
    at UnityEditor.ShortcutManagement.Trigger:HandleKeyEvent <0x02040>
    at UnityEditor.ShortcutManagement.ShortcutController:HandleKeyEvent <0x000f2>
    at UnityEditor.ShortcutManagement.ShortcutIntegration:EventHandler <0x00302>
    at UnityEditor.EditorApplication:Internal_CallGlobalEventHandler <0x000bd>
    at System.Object:runtime_invoke_void <0x00184>
    Received signal SIGSEGV
    Obtained 41 stack frames
    0x00007ff669fafc68 (Unity) RendererUpdateManager::RemoveRenderer
    0x00007ff669f9c458 (Unity) Renderer::RemoveFromScene
    0x00007ff669f9a0f7 (Unity) Renderer::Deactivate
    0x00007ff669e07827 (Unity) GameObject::ActivateAwakeRecursivelyInternal
    0x00007ff669e07439 (Unity) GameObject::ActivateAwakeRecursively
    0x00007ff669e0a0f9 (Unity) GameObject::Deactivate
    0x00007ff66a11ac05 (Unity) DestroyObjectHighLevel_Internal
    0x00007ff66a11a854 (Unity) DestroyObjectHighLevel
    0x00007ff66b3a69eb (Unity) CreatedObjectUndo::ApplyUndo
    0x00007ff66b3a6b0b (Unity) UndoManager::ApplyUndo
    0x00007ff66b3b0397 (Unity) UndoManager::Undo
    0x00007ff66aeb2f70 (Unity) MenuController::ExecuteMenuItem
    0x00007ff66aeb2652 (Unity) MenuController::ExecuteMainMenuItem
    0x00007ff669d15cae (Unity) EditorApplication_CUSTOM_ExecuteMenuItem
    0x000001e79c9fa281 (Mono JIT Code) (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEditor.EditorApplication:ExecuteMenuItem (string)
    0x000001e79c9fa14b (Mono JIT Code) UnityEditor.ShortcutManagement.MenuItemEntryDiscoveryInfo:<.ctor>b__7_0 (UnityEditor.ShortcutManagement.ShortcutArguments)
    0x000001e79c9f2041 (Mono JIT Code) UnityEditor.ShortcutManagement.Trigger:HandleKeyEvent (UnityEngine.Event,UnityEditor.ShortcutManagement.IContextManager)
    0x000001e79ca8e4f3 (Mono JIT Code) UnityEditor.ShortcutManagement.ShortcutController:HandleKeyEvent (UnityEngine.Event)
    0x000001e79ca8e133 (Mono JIT Code) UnityEditor.ShortcutManagement.ShortcutIntegration:EventHandler ()
    0x000001e79ca8dcee (Mono JIT Code) UnityEditor.EditorApplication:Internal_CallGlobalEventHandler ()

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