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[Built in renderer][URP] Canvas rendering is broken on Snapdragon Android devices



We hit a couple new test failures last night in the nightly trunk tests. Not sure exactly what the issue is yet and will update as I investigate. This was passing fine just a few days ago and seems to have popped up in 2021.2.0a5 (bcc6f79a7b66)

The two tests that failed are:
071-TextureFormats - creates a bunch of different textures with different formats but none of the textures are showing up
360Capture - creates a 360 capture and writes out to a texture on screen. This is completely black in the image

Failed test run here

Manual Repro
Create new scene
Right click on scene object window and choose Create -> UI -> Text
Should automatically make a canvas for you.
Type text into the text component
Verify you can see it in game view in editor
Build and run on Android Snapdragon or Qualcom device (such as Quest). Stereo rendering does not have to be enabled however.

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