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[Xcode12][Burst] iOS builds with Universal/ARMv7 architecture fail in Xcode 12 with New Build System when using burst

Package: Burst


Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached '' project (or open an empty project and install 'Burst' package via Package Manager)
2. Switch build target to iOS and make a build
3. Open the project in Xcode 12
4. Make sure that the Xcode project is using the "New Build System" (File/Project Settings/Build System)
5. Try to build the project

Expected result: build succeeds
Actual result: build fails with "The linked library 'lib_burst_generated32.a' is missing one or more architectures required by this target: arm64"

This does not happen when building an ARM64-only build, therefore it's not reproducible on 2020.1+ (ARMv7/Universal architectures were removed there)
Doesn't fail on Xcode 11

Reproduced with: 2018.427f1, 2019.4.11f1

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