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[WSA] Wrong plugin reference in .csproj file when building for WSA Universal 8.1

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In windows 8.1 universal build dll's that are marked only for one SDK are located in different place than referenced.

In attached and modified project there are UDID plugins (three separate real dlls for UWP, WP8.1, Win8.1 and single placeholder. If you build it for windows 8.1 universal, project "Assembly-CSharp-metro-vs2013.csproj" is trying to find my plugin at path: "$(SolutionDir)$(SolutionName)\$(SolutionName).Windows\Unprocessed\UDID.dll"
(same for phone project), but no plugin is placed here.

In fact it can be found there:

Visual studio can't build project because of wrong reference.

Reproducible on 5.3.4p6, 5.4.0b18.

Repro steps:
1. Open project "Reference rewriter";
2. Build to WSA Universal 8.1. Open generated project solution and observe plugin's referenced paths.

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