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[il2cpp] Socket.AsyncConnect doesn't work on IL2CPP backend



Users would like to use tcp socket client/server communication on WSA Universal 10 (UWP10), but they have some blocker issue with Socket.ConnectAsync method. They are not able to connect from the client to their server. Without blocking socket the completed event is not called and the communication is in connecting state, with blocking socket they received error result "Would block".

The issue is reproducible on Windows Standalone x64 (il2cpp) and Windows Store Apps (il2cpp).

Step to reproduce:
1. Open project "".
2. Make build for Windows Standalone x64 development build.
4. Tap on connect and see the result.

Note: For some reason when building to Windows Standalone x86 build, everything works fine and the behavior is the same as Editor. So the issue is only with 64 bit player.

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