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[Windows][MultiDisplay] The second screen in the multi-display mode gets weird offset when using different screen resolutions

Window management


When using the multi-display feature, the screen on the second display gets offset in the vertical direction. This issue only reproduces when the screen resolution of the second display differs from the primary display.

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  1. 0b11b0d4d463eda8f9694cddffc51505?d=mm


    Oct 18, 2019 07:54

    This bug is still present in Unity 2019.2.8f1.

  2. B08e202de0e8869af3e99ea7aecf1374?d=mm


    Sep 19, 2019 14:05

    Still an issue in 2019.2.0f1 .

    Display.displays[1].Activate(width, height, refreshrate) does not seem to do anything. Only the fullscreen part of Screen.SetResolution works. Screen.fullscreen changes the fullscreen option on both displays.

    There are a lot of forum posts and questions about this issue, can this issue be re-activated and fixed?

  3. 22fc59179be78eb0a02f4148b1ee15ab?d=mm


    Jul 27, 2019 18:41

    Also having this issue in 2019.1.10... makes it pretty useless! All unity windows take on the same resolution when you try to change one.

  4. 19ac5aefd1f529d8a76ae720d4cbd66f?d=mm


    May 16, 2019 20:21

    Still having this issue in 2019.1

  5. C044fe7c64835a6df20a0bf5e53ccd9a?d=mm


    Sep 06, 2017 13:07

    Still having this issue in 2017.1.

  6. 6ce5e969f79a9ab7532970b77ca11020?d=mm


    Apr 26, 2017 12:52

    BUg back in unity 5.6

  7. 7769e1e135394d063634f0ad50d23b31?d=mm


    Oct 25, 2016 11:04

    Like SKNIGHT_DS I also still have this issue, when using image-effects (ie. AO) on either camera:

  8. 4f41ea1ed85365de013a05553e6871c8?d=mm


    May 19, 2016 15:59

    I'm still getting this issue whilst using 5.4.0b17.

    However it is only when I have AntiAliasing enabled. Disabling AntiAliasing whilst the application is running fixes the issue.

    I'm running one monitor at 1920x1080 (The main display) and another at 1280x1024.

  9. 1f347a64c562b283a61bf35cf5af0bba?d=mm


    May 10, 2016 21:05

    I wonder, because the bug is always in 5.3.4f1.

  10. 1f347a64c562b283a61bf35cf5af0bba?d=mm


    Dec 18, 2015 09:30

    I have the same problem, using the example script from the unity Multi-Display manual and testing some offset parameters aso. but it does not work well.

    I upload a screenshot of this issue:

    My setup:
    Display 0: 1920x1080
    Display 1: 1360x768

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