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[Windows] Mouse cursor doesn't change its icon when resizing standalone player window



How to reproduce:
1. Create new Unity project
2. Select File -> Build Settings
3. Make sure that resizable window in Player Settings is checked
4. Build game for Windows
5. Try to resize it

Expected result: An arrow should change and allow to resize it
Actual result: Arrow doesn't react with the window

Regression first introduced in: 2017.2.0p1
Reproducible with: 2018.2.0a1, 2018.1.0b3, 2017.2.1p2
Not reproducible with: 2017.1.3f1, 5.6.4p4

Minimize and maximize game window to fix it

Comments (6)

  1. krkim_unity

    Oct 04, 2018 12:26

    I hope this issue is resolved.
    If you reduce the size of the window in the window mode of the game you are developing, the arrow does not appear.

  2. manuelpeirone

    Jul 23, 2018 18:23

    Any news on this issue? Really need a fix for it.


  3. some1s

    Apr 24, 2018 00:46

    Isn't fixed for me in 2017.1.1f1.
    Reproduced this on every project.
    'Fix' has no effect.

  4. Fragmental

    Mar 24, 2018 00:23

    I have reproduced this issue with Unity 2017.4.0f1

  5. delibowlen

    Mar 18, 2018 17:18

    Minimize and maximize game window is not fixing cursor issue at my project, not matter which Unity Version I try so far.

  6. launchpad

    Mar 12, 2018 09:25

    Not actually fixed in 2018.1 if the Splash Screen is enabled. Disable the splash screen and the cursor behaves as expected.

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