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[Windows][Build] Changing resolution through script stretches the screen

Graphics - General


Repro steps:
1) Open the project and script PositionAtMouse.cs in editor
2) Change line 25 to: Screen.SetResolution(resolution.width, resolution.height, true );
3) Build and run the project
4) In the build try clicking the resolution buttons
5) Notice that the game window changes resolutions improperly

Comments (2)

  1. F828cf47a1fb2eadb0ff94c62802bf09?d=mm


    Dec 09, 2015 15:02

    This may be broken again with 5.3, or a similar bug is present (I submitted a bug report via the Editor).

  2. 50af6424e48ca0ca0e358e5de4ae58a8?d=mm


    Sep 21, 2015 03:55

    Unity 5.2 is broken until this is fixed! My team has no choice but to roll back to 5.1.3. I imagine other developers are in the same situation. Please release a patch ASAP.

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