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Error message "Application has been suspended, all multiplayer features will re-init." is not informative



Reproduction steps:
1. Open project attached(
2. Open scene "MainScene" from Assets folder.
3. Attach Microsoft Visual Studio debugger to Unity.
4. Press Play.
5. Press "Start NetworkServer"
6. Press "Connect To NetworkServer"
7. Press on Microsoft Visual studio window
8. Inspect console and CPU usage.

Expected result: Performance will be low, warning that related to "Application can not run in background appears".
Actual result: Warning "Application has been suspended, all multiplayer features will re-init" appears

Note: Error should be more informative. Information like "Make sure that your application is not suspended and it can run in background" should be added.

Reproduced on: 5.5.0f3, 5.5.2p2, 5.6.0f1, 2017.1.0a5.


This error does not appear anymore due to changes in networking

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  1. 5ace79713731b71980a935137c1ca16a?d=mm


    Oct 11, 2017 20:05

    I had the same error appear while using the Transport Layer. It should mention the [Run In Background] option under Player Settings. If this is not ticked even just opening File Explorer will shut down the entire transport layer. And the network does not seem to auto-initialize when the window is minimized again.

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