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Wav file is distorted after importing it into Unity



Reproduction steps:
1. Created a new Project
2. Copy the attached file "clickminor.wav" into the Assets folder
3. Preview the sound in the inspector
4. Open the file with any audio playback software
5. Compare

Expected result: The audio file was distorted when previewed in Unity
Actual result: The audio file sounded same in unity and in other software

Reproducible with: 2021.2.0f1 (Reported by user)
Could not test with: 2019.4.32f1, 2020.3.22f1, 2021.1.28f1, 2021.1.2f1, 2022.1.0a14 (Could not reproduce the issue locally)

  1. Resolution Note:

    This issue could not be reproduced across a number of different hardware configurations and Unity versions. It does looks like there is a very specific corner case triggering it, but without means of reproduction, it is not possible to fix and verify.

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