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Vive Tracker causes an error and does not report input



Steps to Reproduce:
- Connect a Vive tracker to SteamVR
- Open the attached project
- enter playmode

Minimum reproduction
- Connect a Vive tracker to SteamVR
- Launch the Unity editor
- Enable VR and add the OpenVR SDK
- Add a cube to the scene with a tracked pose driver that tracks a hand (doesn't have to match the tracker)
- enter playmode

Vive Tracker is tracked and triggers some input when used in conjunction with an accessory.

With a Vive Tracker connected, an error is triggered every frame:
"Attempting to set a device feature value type that is not supported by VRInputInstance. This will result in an incomplete state"
The Vive tracker will no longer trigger legacy input system buttons.

Comments (2)

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  2. 364f28e438a3f7fdaaf0b25fa6df4c05?d=mm


    Aug 31, 2018 20:27

    I am getting the same bug. I've found that I can only seem to get input on the first two controllers/trackers that were turned on. If I turn on two trackers I can get button input from them via the pogo pin interface but any controllers turned on after that will not return input. If I turn on the controllers first they will get input but any trackers turned on after that will not.

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