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Fixed in 2021.3.30f1, 2022.3.7f1, 2023.1.7f1, 2023.2.0b4, 2023.3.0a1, 2024.1.0a1



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Video Player Component causes performance degradation in WebGL Player when using "Linear" Color Space



How to reproduce:
1. Make sure that a CORS extension is installed and the appropriate settings are enabled in the browser that will be used as Player
2. Open the “WebGL_Video_Player_Bug” project
3. Open the “SampleScene”
4. Switch Build to “WebGL”, Build And Run, then observe Player FPS
5. Back in Editor, change Color Space to “Gamma” (Edit > Project Settings > Player > Other Settings)
6. Build And Run, then observe Player FPS again

Expected result: in Player performance is similar, regardless of the Color Space mode used
Actual result: in Player when using “Linear” Color Space, the performance severely degrades

Reproduced with: 2021.2.0a12, 2021.3.22f1, 2022.2.15f1, 2023.1.0b11, 2023.2.0a10
Not reproduced with: 2020.3.47f1, 2021.2.0a7
Could not test with: 2021.2.0a8-2021.2.0a11 (Build errors)

Reproduced on: Windows 10 (by reporter), Windows 11

Reproduced on browser: Firefox, Chrome, Edge

1. Reproducible only in Player
2. CORS extension links - Chrome/Opera: [||smart-link]; Firefox: [||smart-link]; Edge: [Allow CORS: Access-Control-Allow-Origin - Microsoft Edge Addons|]. As to which settings must be enabled, please refer to the attached image
3. It would seem that the Firefox browser is less performant than the other browsers. On average the Firefox browser has at least 10FPS less than the Other browser. This is true, regardless of the Color Space that is used
4. One of the following versions could actually end up being the *regressed version*: 2021.2.0a8, 2021.2.0a9, 2021.2.0a10, 2021.2.0a11, 2021.2.0a12. But it seems that the Editor can’t Build WebGL and throws errors
5. In Firefox, I had cases where the video simply wouldn’t play, and that would not degrade any performance, indicating that the actual streaming/playing of the video is causing the issue

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2023.3.0a1):

    Texture linearization using internal/external format is slow in some web browsers. Now doing it with shaders.

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  1. unity_1D4395716672639296FF

    May 19, 2023 11:45

    Is this issue being worked on at the moment and if so are there any news on its progress?

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