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Fixed in 2018.2.X

Fixed in 5.6.X, 2017.1.X, 2017.2.X, 2017.3.X, 2018.1.X



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Version Control Check Out window not popping up when using Provider.Checkout()

Version Control


To reproduce:

1. Download attached project "" and open in Unity
2. Open "RootScene" scene
3. Go to Edit > Project Settings > Editor
4. In "Version Control" connect with your server
Note: I'm using "Perforce"
5. Open "TestBehavior.cs" script which is in "Scripts" folder
6. In the Provider.Checkout modify path to "ResetableComponent.cs" script location
7. Save script and return to Unity Editor
8. In toolbar click Test > Test Behavior option

Expected result: The ResetableComponent.cs script is checked out, denoted by a red tick badge on its icon in the Project window and its presence in a changelist in the VCS Window and P4V.
Actual result: The script is not checked out.

Fixed in: 2018.2.0a2, 2018.1.0b11, 2017.4.1f1, 2017.2.2p3, 2017.1.3p4, 5.6.5p4

Reproduced on Unity 5.6.0b3, 5.6.0b5, 5.6.0p4, 2017.1.0b3
Not reproduced on Unity 5.4.5p1, 5.5.3p2, 5.6.0b1 and 5.6.0b2
Regression on Unity 5.6.0b3

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  1. igorcazakov06

    Mar 21, 2019 21:48

    Good practice

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