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[VCS] The changeset description only displays up to 30 characters in the Version Control and Submit windows

Version Control


How to reproduce:
1. Create a new project in your preferred workspace and open it
2. Connect it to Perforce
3. Open the Version Control window, select the added project settings and try to submit them
4. In the Submit Window type a description longer than 30 characters and click Save
5. Observe that only 30 characters of the description are displayed in the Version Control Window
6. Try to submit the saved changeset again
7. Observe that only the 30 characters are auto-completed in the Submit window

Expected result: the Version Control window shows descriptions longer than 30 characters - ideally shows the full description on hover. Also, the Submit window shows the full, saved description.
Actual result: the Version Control window only shows the first 30 characters of the description and incorrectly completes the description in the Submit window.

Reproduced in: 2020.1.0a11, 2019.3.0b9, 2019.2.10f1, 2018.4.12f1, 2017.4.34f1

Note: The description itself seems to be saved correctly as you can see it in full using P4V

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