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[VCS] Support for Perforce two-factor auth (MFA, using "login2" command)

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Newer perforce instances sometimes enforce 2-factor authentications.

Result: Unity's perforce integration will try to force a login on each launch instead of caching credientials.
Expected: Cache credentials

Code looks like it is using the old p4 login api call that does not seem to deal with MFA (
New API login2 ( with argument -p should be able to handle credential caching.

Seemingly the MFA thing was added in Perforce 2017.2, we should probably keep using the old login command for older versions.

  1. Resolution Note:

    Due to the complexity and the risks of the fix we've decided to not change the current behaviour with Perforce's multi factoring login. In order to login correctly in the Unity Editor you will need to first login using a visual client like P4V or via the command line using login2

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