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[VCS][PlasticSCM] Folder move and rename operations aren't handled correctly

Version Control


Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached project in PlasticSCM workspace
2. Enable PlasticSCM in editor settings
3. In project window, drag Folder1 outside Folder2 to Assets folder
4. Notice that dragged folder's status is local although it should be tracked as it was just moved
5. In version control window, submit change and notice error (which also has wrong path):
PlasticSCM : There are no changes in the workspace c:\Users\juliusj\wkspaces\epo_zero

Note: on 2017.4 error is:
PlasticSCM : The item /FolderIssue/Assets/Folder2/Folder1.meta is not changed in current workspace

Doesn't repro on perforce or when moving assets instead of folders

Reproduced with: 2018.2.0a8, 2018.1.0f1, 2017.4.1f1, 5.1.0f3
Not reproducible: 5.0.4f1

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  1. JesusM

    Jun 19, 2018 09:41

    Just to clarify the issue: it is a problem in the unity layer that does not send the "rename/move" request for a folder to the underlying SCM (Plastic in this case).
    Perforce is not affected by this issue because it doesn't have directory versioning.

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