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Fixed in Not a Shader Graph package bug, fixed in Version 2018.3.0a6 (33e5def6e55f)



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"Value Dragging" Broken for Shader Graph

Package: Shader Graph


2018.2.0b6, SRP master @ 1fac5b8 (June 7th) (reproduced in all ShaderGraph used so far)

Shader Graph's "Value Dragging" (if that's the term for it) is broken. It appears to only work when the cursor is above the input field (as opposed to being anywhere with left movement meaning decrease & right meaning increase, as is correct functionality with the rest of Unity). Furthermore and even worse, the "end" of the "value dragging" doesn't seem to register (ever?), making it so that even after you stopped dragging the value of the input field can change whenever the cursor is above input field and causing values to get altered when least expecting it.


1) Attempt to start "value dragging" by clicking on the X of a Vector1 or Vector2 (for example) AND continue to hold the mouse down.
2) While still pressing down, move the mouse left to decrease the value of the node.
3) Notice that nothing happened.
4) Release the mouse. Normally that would meant the end of the "value dragging".
5) With nothing being pressed down, move the mouse left and right over the X (name of the input field).
6) Notice that the value is changing, and notice how easily it is to have your mouse move over one of these fields as your work and change the value.

You may think that pressing the X again will stop the value dragging but that doesn't seem to be the case. Now the node is in value dragging mode (until shader graph is closed down?) and when you cursor moves over the input field you get unwanted change.

Temporarily removing value dragging from Shader Graph could be a solution until an actual solution comes out, as right now "value dragging" is only a source of unwanted field alteration.

See gifs below.

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