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[UWP] Unity's UI & IMGUI cannot be interacted while new input system is on

I was trying New Input System on UWP, it seems both IMGUI and Unity's UI doesn't work on UWP

To reproduce:
* Using Unity 2019.3b12
* Open attached project (Project uses New Input System)
* Open Sample scene
* See that both IMGUI and Unity's UI is interactable in Editor
* Now try to build it to UWP (I choose XAML build target type)
* On UWP, UI is not interactable

Comments (2)

  1. messbro

    Mar 12, 2022 13:19

    Fix it for the current LTS version 2020 please!

  2. Archtica

    Mar 07, 2022 11:10

    I wish that this would be fixed for the current LTS version 2020 since it is preventing me from releasing the UWP version of my app after spending a lot of time moving to the new input system. This was found in 2019.

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