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[UWP] StoreLogo.png name is used instead of StoreLogo.scale-100.png

Windows Store Apps


StoreLogo.png name is used instead of StoreLogo.scale-100.png. This gives an error in Visual Studio and the asset isn't included

Fun fact: solution built on IL2CPP backend allows to use "StoreLogo.scale-100.png", while solution built on .NET backend throws error.

Reproduced on 5.3.5f1.
Not an issue on latest 5.4.0b18.

Steps for 5.3.5f1
1. Create new project.
2. Build to WSA 8.1 or WSA Universal 10 platform.
3. Run WACK.
4. Visual Studio throws error:
App manifest references the image 'Assets\StoreLogo.png' which does not have a candidate in main app package.

Workaround: Rename "StoreLogo.png" to "StoreLogo.scale-100.png"


Steps for version 5.3.3p2

Repro steps:
1. Open any project
2. Set Store Logo 100% (50x50)
3. Build
4. Open the generated solution -> Manifest File -> Visual Assets
5. See, that there is an error (

Workaround: Rename "StoreLogo.png" to "StoreLogo.scale-100.png"

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