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Fixed in 2017.1.X, 2017.2.X, 2017.3.X



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[UWP] Player crashes on Material::GetTexture with Debug configuration when Custom shader with Texture2D reference is used in UI

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open attached project
2. Switch platform to UWP and build
3. Open VS solution
4. Deploy on local machine with x86 Debug configuration

Actual result: player crashes on launch
Error in VS output: Material doesn't have a texture property '_MainTex'

Reproducible with: 2017.1.0p5, 2017.2.0b9, 2017.3.0a5

Fixed in: 2017.3.0b8, 2018.1.0a2

Not reproducible with Release/Master configurations
Reproducible with both, .NET and IL2CPP scripting backends

UnityPlayer.dll!Material::GetTexture(ShaderLab::FastPropertyName name) Line 1113 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!Material_CUSTOM_GetTextureImpl(void * self_, int nameID) Line 700 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityEngineDelegates.dll!6376954e() Unknown No symbols loaded.
[Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for UnityEngineDelegates.dll] Annotated Frame
[External Code] Annotated Frame
UnityPlayer.dll!metro_invoke_method(ScriptingMethodPtr method, ScriptingObjectPtr object, ScriptingArguments * arguments, ScriptingExceptionPtr * exception, bool convertArgs) Line 66 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!scripting_method_invoke(ScriptingMethodPtr method, ScriptingObjectPtr object, ScriptingArguments & arguments, ScriptingExceptionPtr * exception, bool convertArgs) Line 812 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!ScriptingInvocation::Invoke(ScriptingExceptionPtr * exception, bool convertArguments) Line 303 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!ScriptingInvocation::Invoke() Line 71 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!UI::CanvasManager::WillRenderCanvases() Line 356 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!`UI::InitializeCanvasManager'::`2'::UIEventsWillRenderCanvasesstruct::Forward() Line 381 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!PlayerUpdateCanvases() Line 929 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!`InitPlayerLoopCallbacks'::`2'::PostLateUpdatePlayerUpdateCanvasesstruct::Forward() Line 1308 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!PlayerLoop() Line 197 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!metro::MainLoop(bool performRendering) Line 209 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!UnityPlayer::AppCallbacks::DoPerformUpdateAndRender() Line 1426 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!UnityPlayer::AppCallbacks::PerformUpdateAndRender() Line 1382 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!UnityPlayer::AppCallbacks::_AppThreadImplementation(void * param) Line 186 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!UnityPlayer::AppCallbacks::_AppThread(void * param) Line 218 C++ Symbols loaded.
UnityPlayer.dll!win32::CreateThread::__l2::<lambda>(Windows::Foundation::IAsyncAction ^ __formal) Line 275 C++ Symbols loaded.

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