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UV mesh data is missing when bundled with an Addressable and Play Mode Script is set to Use Existing Build

Package: Content Build & Load


Reproduction steps:
1. Open the user's attached project
2. Make sure "Optimize Mesh Data" is toggled in the Project Settings
3. Clear the cache by pressing Preferences -> Scriptable Build Pipeline -> Purge Cache
4. Open the Addressable Group window and build the bundle by clicking Build -> New Build -> Default Build Script
5. Set the Play Mode Script to "Use Existing Build"
6. Enter Play Mode
7. Press "L" on the keyboard

Expected result: The model is loaded correctly
Actual result: The loaded model has visual artifacts

Reproducible with: 1.19.17 Custom (2019.4.38f1)
Can't test with: 2020.3.33f1, 2021.2.19f1, 2021.3.1f1, 2022.1.0f1, 2022.2.0a11 (Can't upgrade due to Custom packages)

- the model is loaded correctly when Play Mode Script is set to "Use Asset Database"

  1. Resolution Note:


    By checking the "Optimize Mesh Data" option the build process will remove unused mesh channels when building a player or AssetBundles.

    In order for a mesh to retain its vertex component data, that data must be determined to be in use at build time. We do this by finding all MeshRenderers in the build and then looking at the Material/Shader they reference.


    If the user is setting up their build properly, please request the customer to submit a smaller repro case. The current project is 3GB.

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