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Using the PlayServicesResolver plugin causes the Editor to freeze



If you have a project that contains the PlayServicesResolver plugin, using the plugin will sometimes cause the editor to freeze. This manifests in two ways:

- If you have auto-resolution set to ON, the editor will freeze when opening the project
- The editor will also freeze if you attempt to Resolve manually.

Both of these are caused by the PlayServicesResolver plugin itself, not Unity.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open the attached project

After opening the project you are unable to do anything within the editor and the editor needs to be killed with the task manager.

Expected Result:
The project is opened successfully and you can continue working on it

If you find that the editor is freezing on opening the project, you need to do the following to be able to continue working:

1. Delete the Library folder from the project
2. Open the project and turn off Auto-Resolution via Assets > Play Services Resolver

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