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Fixed in 2020.3.38f1, 2021.3.9f1, 2022.1.12f1

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Use-after-free crash bug in IL2CPP



If il2cpp is shutdown/restarted multiple times (such as when running LoadUnload tests) there is a use-after-free case shown here:
static void PopulateArrayGenericMethods(Il2CppClass* klass, uint16_t offset, const GenericArrayMethods& genericArrayMethods)
for (int i = 0; i < klass->interface_offsets_count; i++)
Il2CppClass* interfaceType = klass->interfaceOffsets[i].interfaceType;
if (!interfaceType->generic_class)

Il2CppClass* interfaceDefinition = GenericClass::GetTypeDefinition(interfaceType->generic_class);

Il2CppGenericContext context = { 0 };
context.method_inst = MetadataCache::GetGenericInst(&interfaceType->generic_class->context.class_inst->type_argv[0], 1);

for (GenericArrayMethods::const_iterator iter = genericArrayMethods.begin(); iter != genericArrayMethods.end(); ++iter)
Crash ==> if (iter->interfaceMethodDefinition->klass != interfaceDefinition) {code}
because {{iter->interfaceMethodDefinition}} can point to free'd memory. The memory comes from {{s_MetadataMemoryPool}} in {{MetadataAlloc.cpp}} . Method data is only setup once per run (even if il2cpp is shutdown/restarted) when {{GetArrayGenericMethodsCount()}} is run from {{static void SetupArrayMethods(Il2CppClass* arrayClass)}} .  Reason it isnt rebuilt is a check for vector size here:
static size_t GetArrayGenericMethodsCount()
if (s_GenericArrayMethods.size() == 0)

return s_GenericArrayMethods.size();
} {code}
Steps to reproduce:

1) Setup basic checks in Application Verifier for exe built by LoadUnload test (il2cppLoadUnloadTest.exe on windows) or zero memory pointed to by {{s_MetadataMemoryPool}} in MetadataAlloc.cpp before its deleted.

2) Run VerifyIL2CPPLoadUnloadStressTest(DoNotUnloadDynamicLibrary) test in Rider/cmd line

3) Crash


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